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Khyati School of Design (KSD) is located in the discipline and serene premises. The Green, Clean and pollution free area provides a great environment for all round development of the students in academic, Clinical & Extracurricular field. KSD is Promoted by Khyati Foundation - all Our College provides an education that will assist the students in becoming humane, sensitive and technically competent health care professionals. While a first rate educational experience is essential, the making of a good health care professional is rooted in the nature and quality of the people involved. Khyati Foundation is an exciting place to pursue an education and career. The courses are designed to produce strong quality professionals who can continue their studies in India and can also be eligible for exemptions in various courses offered by the universities in US, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries around the Globe. Khyati Foundation, an endeavor of Firdaus Memorial Charity & Education Trust Ahmedabad has been registered as Charitable Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 vide Registration No. E/20640 AHMEDABAD dated 21-06-2014.

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From backstage and into the limelight, our graduates are making their mark in the world as professional artists and
creators, each in their own original way. We couldn’t be more proud.

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Dear Students,
Welcome to Art & Design Learning!
Culture is epitome to our thinking and understanding of the environment we inhabit. We as civilizations are responsible in building our past, present and future to come. Art & Design represent the very core values of our cultural growth.

Kartik Patel


Plot No. 116, B/h. Electrotherm Industries,
Nr. Vraj Gopi Society, Palodia, Ahmedabad.
Gujarat, India.

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