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Khyati School Of Design

Design is the new vocation that students can choose and, as per the India Design Report, it’s one of the fastest growing streams. On the other hand the Indian consumer is becoming more aware and demanding of well designed, quality products & services that are user friendly.

Considering this, Khyati School of Design has been set up to provide quality education to aspiring designers. Set in a green campus, specially designed for design learning, to hone the senses Khyati School of Design will look at global trends in teaching methods and curricula and apply localized versions of the same. Our faculty is experienced with several years in education and professional fields. They are well travelled and exposed to the ways of the world and keep abreast with current educational trends as well as industry requirements. We believe in promoting inter-disciplinary and experiential learning and therefore will provide many opportunities for exposure on a real-time basis by encouraging participation in activities beyond the class room.

Design is applicable to every area of society and life, at Khyati School of Design we have started with Visual Communication, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Fashion & Costume Design and Lifestyle Accessories. Keeping up with the times, changes will also take place in the methods and curricula as per the needs of the hour while meeting the UGC norms. Collaborations with international institutes are being taken up to ensure exchange of students and faculty. Ensuring our students future, the school will actively build networks with Industrial associations and companies paving the way for mutually beneficial placements.

Khyati Foundation.

Khyati School of Design is promoted by Khyati Foundation, an endeavour of Firdaus Memorial Charity & Education Trust, Ahmedabad which is registered as a Charitable Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 vide Registration No. E/20640 AHMEDABAD dated 21-06-2014.


Khyati School of Design will be a centre of excellence in design which nurtures well rounded designers who are aware of national expectations and global sensibilities and are equipped to participate in nation-building activities through their design


To empower students to acquire, demonstrate, create and value knowledge and skills in design to develop a cadre of future designers who are capable of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life, both nationally and internationally to instill in students the need for user-friendly, trendy and classic designs that provide solutions to real life challenges