Chairman’s Message

We have been associated with Education institutes with a history of more than 50 years. Over the years we have covered many areas of education and age groups, providing formal and all rounded education to students from various social backgrounds. Our aim is to continue expanding our bouquet of institutions year on year.

Looking at the global scenario, today those countries with good design have been able to cross more continents than those who worry little about how a product or service functions or looks, therefore it is important to nurture these skills of our next generation and bring them to a global level.

With Khyati School of Design we wish to deliver well rounded designers, who will specialize in a particular area of design, and yet are able to come up with easy, user friendly, trendy and classic solutions, aware of national sensibilities and global expectations.

Come enlighten your future and become a part of the Khyati family.

Kartik Patel