Fashion & Costume Design


Understanding fabric, textiles in relation with human proportions is a prerequisite for any fashion designer. Designing for the seasons keeping the cultural context and climatic conditions in mind and using the right fibre for the occasion ensures wearable and comfortable clothing.

Fashion and Costumes require knowledge of fabrics, hand and machine manufactured techniques. Weaves and printing, handcrafted and machine produced. Natural fibre and dyes knowledge as well as technical and smart fabrics, modern printing methods are introduced to the students. Embellishing of clothes and couture, introduction to embroidery styles and methods will also be taught by bringing them in contact with masters and living legends in the field.

Highlights of the program

· Fashion Design Fundamentals

· Fashion Photography

· Humanities & Design

· History of Fashion Evolution & Trends

· Celebrity Fashion

· Ramp Walk & Trade Shows

· Fashion Marketing

· Fashion Blogging

· Makeup & Styling

· Media & Fashion PR

· Design Criticism

· Fabric Sciences

· Fashion Tailoring

· Event Planning & Theme Design

· Boutique & Management practices

· Image Management & Consulting

Admissions open for 2018

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