Industrial Product Designn


A product designer must have excellent interpersonal skills to unearth the need of certain products. Being able to think strategically & analytical skills are prerequisite for problem solving. Integration of technology, electronics and engineering is required for many household and industrial products.

Products today have to meet many requirements and compliances. They must be energy efficient which goes without saying, they should be sustainable, comply with evolving environmental norms which is possible when the lifecycle assessment is carried out to determine their reusability and recyclability. Systems thinking, ergonomics, inclusivity for all kinds of users yet aesthetically appealing and cost effective in use of materials and technology are the inputs that a future Industrial / Product designer is expected to bring to the table by default.

To achieve this level, it is imperative that the methodology is as hands on as possible, exposure to processes and development, involving interdisciplinary teams working simultaneously to achieve the best results will be encouraged.

Highlights of the program

• Product Design Fundamentals

• Photography

• Humanities & Design

• Materials and Processes

• History of Industrial Design

• Anthropometry & Ergonomics

• CAD & Digital Rendering WACOM

• Design Ethnology

• Sustainable – Green Design

• Product Story telling

• Creative Intervention

• Product Innovation & Patenting

• Internship & Placement

• Manufacturing Processes

• Package Designing

Admissions open for 2018

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