Interior Design


A good interior designer has to be in tune with their client. Without understanding the need, purpose, context and personal preferences of an individual or a group of persons, it is just another space.

Therefore the focus at Khyati School of Design will be to first expose the students to understanding human psychology, sociology and anthropology. Then exposure to the elements like space, colour, furniture, light, texture, services, etc.

The goal here is not to be excellent draftsmen/women, but to be excellent designers who design using their senses and create livable and working spaces for the senses. Comfortable, ergonomic, economical in use and maintenance a place where one can find solace from the chaos of the outer world. Observation skills will be honed, empathy towards others in tandem with one’s own sensibilities and understand of design and aesthetics. The preparation of a brief will be central to the process employed. Knowledge about lifestyles in various parts of world is researched during the studies. The influence of sound and light response to space and moods are studied. The method of education will be hands on and experiential, learning by doing.

Highlights of the program

· History of Craft, Art & Architecture

· Heritage & Conservation Studies

· Craft Techniques

· Exploring & Application of Materials

· Anthropometry & Ergonomics

· Drawing & Visualization

· Architectural Spaces

· Public, Private & Personal Spaces

· Exhibition Spaces

· Corporate Spaces

· Conceptualization

· 3D Software

· RSP & Industrial Design

· Industry Trends and New Materials

· Communication & Soft Skills

· Internship & Placement

Admissions open for 2018

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