Lifestyle Accessory Design


Lifestyle Accessory Design is a unique program offered by Khyati School of Design. It has a well-articulated curriculum that encompasses an entire range of lifestyle accessories like Jewelry, Handbags, Footwear, Timewear, Eyewear, Interior Accessories, Handicrafts, Playful Accessories and Visual Merchandising.

Way of life – manner of living. The style in which a person or groups of people pursue their life is known as lifestyle. There are many factors like attitude, habits, economic level, moral values, interests etc. that influence an individual’s lifestyle.

Products that are designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle.

The course structure has been premeditated in such a manner that it develops cohesive proficiency in problem solving, design process, manufacturing processes, user – centricity, fashion forecasting & trend studies, marketing & management in the domain of lifestyle accessories.

Highlights of the program

· Sketching & Rendering

· Digital Drawing

· Form Semantics

· Materials, Processes & Techniques

· Craft Studies

· Visualization Skills

· History

· Fashion Forecasting & Trend Analysis

· Kinematics

· Packaging

· Brand Identity

· Digital Marketing

· Interactive Workshops

· Anthropometry &Ergonomics

· Internship & Placement

Admissions open for 2018

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