Visual Communication Design


Visual Communication entails aspects of audio visual forms of communication; including Graphic design, Film media, animation, print technology, typography, font design, packaging, etc. The course enables students to understand, conceptualize and execute projects and campaigns for promotional activities or to tell stories. Information technology encourages the exploration in the field of computer graphics, multimedia and web design. Students are trained to use their senses to create esthetical sensible and meaningful designs for the chosen media.

Digital technology has changed the way we perceive the world and is an integral part of the course delivery. The combination of art, science and technology has transformed human experience. Blogs, Social Media, Virtual Reality, Gaming and other online content has changed the way we communicate across cultural and geographical lines. Government, business, industry, marketing, branding, everyone is using this mode of visual communication that is a mix of graphic, film, typography and print. The inputs in Multi-Media provide the students new challenges with technological advancements in the field of Visual Communication.

Highlights of the program

• Information Graphics

• Photography

• Instructional Design

• Copy, Storytelling & Scriptwriting

• Content strategy

• Virtual Reality

• Typography

• Interactive Workshops

• Animation

• Documentary & Feature Films

• Brand Identity design

• Broadcast graphics & Film Titles

• Web & Game Interface Design

• Humanities & Design

• Marketing communications

• Interactive Workshops

• Internship and Placement

• Music & Dance Appreciation

• Editing & Production

• Print & Packaging

• Advertising & Social Media

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